Meditation meets science.

Flowtime: Biosesnsing Meditation Headband

An innovative way understanding what is going on in your head as you practice to make the insensible change inside the brain visualized in the app.
Heart rate sensor & Brain wave sensors

Master meditation by real-time biosensing technology

Not sure how you are doing meditation?
Flowtime does know! The two-channel EEG acquisition technology monitors brainwaves in real-time, while the heart-rate sensor also tracks your heart constantly.
It’s amazing to see how your body and brain are changing when meditating.

Typical power ratio of brainwaves of a three-year meditator

His β-wave ratio and γ-wave ratio gradually increased as he entered the meditative state; after meditation, β-wave and γ-wave ratio quickly returned to a normal state.

Typical power ratio of brainwaves of a beginner

When he closed his eyes and got relaxed, the proportion of α waves increased and there was no significant trend for β waves and γ waves.

Make the streak longer.

Every minute counts

Try to get into a routine and you'll find it's not hard to build a new habit.
Hard, but worth a try.

Attention & Relaxation

For people who have not undergone long-term meditation training, the brainwave spectrum is more concentrated in specific states. When you are focused, the Relaxation value is generally low, and when you are relaxed, the Attention value is low. Attention and Relaxation are mutually exclusive.
As periodic as sine wave.

Heart Rate

Through long-term breath training, the heart rate can be seen in a certain periodic rhythm during meditation. At this time, the breathing and heartbeat reach a coordinated state.

Scientifically validated professional content

For beginners, meditation lessons are decisive while it’s hard to find professional ones. The lessons in the app, provided by Mobio Interactive, an outstanding and rigorous Canadian company experienced in mindfulness, have been scientifically validated to improve stress resilience in a random controlled trial.

Co-work with other apps

1. Play any audio you prefer.
2. Choose Unguided Mode.
3. Expand your previous experience.

Three modes

Unguied Meditation

1. Choose a length.
2. Choose an end sound.
3. Free to go.

Guided Meditation

1. Professional tutors.
2. A variety of topics.
3. Keep updating.

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Flowtime is just a beginning. We could create many innovative applications of meditation with EEG technology together, such as providing biofeedback and health monitoring. We warmly welcome you to send us feedback or ideas and we’ll open the data soon by providing SDK to unlock more potentail.

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