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Biosensing Meditation Headband

Master Meditation by Brainwave & Heart-Rate Biosensing Technology

The most thrilling thing is the two-channel EEG acquisition technology monitors brainwaves in real time and distinguish brainwave energy from left to right-hemisphere, while the heart-rate sensor also tracks your heart constantly. It’s amazing to see how your body and brain are changing when meditating.

Regulate Meditation Performance by Visualized Rich Data

The real-time data matters when you are doing meditation, while rich data report after practice is also crucial to the measurement of your practice every time and insights of your progress. The sensors passively sense your brain and heart activities and the app translates them into visualized graphs of your body performance. You would be eager to see how well you perform after you practice.

Scientifically Validated Content Supported by Mobio Interactive Inc.

For the beginners, meditation lessons are decisive while it’s hard to find the professional ones. The lessons they offer have been scientifically validated to improve stress resilience in a random controlled trial completed in collaboration with Mobio Interactive, an outstanding and rigorous Canadian company experienced in mindfulness, and the University of Toronto.

Minimum light. Maximum Comfort. Unique Elegant Design.

To meditate is to feel free, which guides us in appearance design. Our excellent design partner Piero got the inspirations from hummingbird. The ultra-slim design makes the headband imperceptible and incredibly light, only 25g, while the rubber band on the back keeps it in perfect position, especially suitable for running meditation and yoga meditation. 



Your Inner Peace is What We Focus on

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