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Why guilty about naps? The benefits of power naps you should know!

Most of us feel sleepy after lunch. It's quite common from about 1 to 3 pm because of a natural dip in alertness When you realize you are fighting off sleep, you may prefer a cup of coffee than a nap for having naps may be regarded as laziness.

But the fact you don't know is a nap of 10 to 20 mins does better than a cup of coffee in boosting alertness, creativity and performance.

Taking a short nap will allow you to come back with renewed alertness and focus on the task at hand.

Sometimes ideas just seem to run together. Taking a power nap can help clear your head and allow your creativity to flow.

When we are stressed, we become anxious, irritable, overwhelmed and easily distracted. Taking a power nap allows that stress to dissipate and renew your mood and symptoms.

So the next time, when you are drowsy, feel free to take a short nap to make yourself refreshed.




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