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Your Inner Peace What We Focus

We are the Entertech team, and we focus on developing high-tech wearables for health, leading the way with dry EEG acquisition and ECG acquisition technology. We are dedicated to mental health applications and products around spiritual health like sleep, meditation, and relaxation etc. , which we believe will be more and more important.



Enter Technology

We are the Entertech team, and we focus on developing high-tech wearables for health, leading the way with dry EEG acquisition and ECG acquisition technology.

Our R & D team consists of bioelectric data collection specialists from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Dianzi University, University of York, and others. We cooperate closely with the Zhejiang Tongde Hospital and the College of Biomedical Engineering & Instrument Science at Zhejiang University.

We believe that sleep and relaxation (and their related health benefits like disease prevention) are important causes, and we plan to develop even more technologies for accurate health data monitoring. After we brought Naptime into market in 2016, we have Luuna, which can even compose your personalized soothing music from your real-time brainwaves!

On Luuna, there is the smallest EEG acquisition module in the world, as small as your thumbnail with Bluetooth module in it. The power consumption can be at least 1 milliamp. We have also developed a more comfortable forehead three-electrode program. People who know EEG would know that most EEG acquisition needs a reference electrode on the ear, which will greatly impair comfort and product design. Combined with the world's first brainwave-AI music just mentioned, Luuna is more compact, more comfortable and more sleep-able.

Up to now, EEG technology has entered into different application fields, such as healthcare, education, toys and games and so on. We are glad to cooperate with other companies and popularize the EEG technology with teams in relevant industries. Meanwhile, we will focus on mental health applications and launch a series of products around spiritual health like sleep, meditation and relaxation etc.



It utilizes EEG sensors and Machine Learning Technology to analyze your brainwave activity. It calms you down by pushing suitable music, keeps a peaceful sleep environment by intelligent volume control and wakes you up at the optimal time in your sleep cycle so you feel refreshed. Ready to tackle the rest of the day.



Whether it be to lull you into a nap or caress you into a full night sleep, Luuna intelligently learns from your brain waves to produce music and sounds that are in harmony with your body’s rhythm, helping you fall asleep better and faster.


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Real-time brainwave track and biofeedback


  • Track and monitor brainwaves in real time.

  • Turn the bio-data into soothing music that lulls you to sleep faster. 

  • Automatically controlled volume by real-time EEG feedback when you are drowsy.

  • Wake you up at the optimal time feeling refreshed and rested.

  • Multidimensional data display that creates your sleep profile.