Biosensing Meditation Headband

Calm. Resilient. Healthy.



Maximal bio-data

FLOWTIME  makes meditation intangible into tangible. Brainwave data, heart rate, breath coherence, attention, relaxation, etc.

Motivation system

Meditation is a long journey, which is not easy to carry on. FLOWTIME helps you to insist on meditating and have more fun.

Advanced courses

Learn the meditation guidance step by step, a calmer, less stressed, and healthier life is within reach. 

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Biosensing headband
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Maximal bio-data

Where amazing mind happens!

Meet your brainwave data 

Discover noticeable changes in meditation states from the dramatic and compelling graph, including α, β, θ, γ, and δ waves.

Find your breath coherence

Once you are physically and mentally balanced, your breath rhythmic shapes in a form of sine-wave regularly.

Attention, Relaxation, Pressure

No matter if you are having Attention training or Relaxation training, FLOWTIME quantifies your performance.


Meditate 8 mins a day; make health into the habit!

Not only does meditation time matter, but pay attention to your coherence.

Mind rings

Meditation Time, Coherence Time.

The more coherence time, the better meditation quality.

Meditation sharing

Share your meditation performance with friends and family to encourage each other.


Master the essential of meditation.

Step-by-step Courses

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator, our expert teachers will guide you step by step.


• 7-day Journey for Beginners

• Leadership

• Savouring & Caregiving

Scientific & Authoritative

The world's only courses have been scientifically validated by the University of Toronto and pass through clinic tests. 

Various usage modes

Enjoy your flow time

Guided Meditation

Follow the guidance of our professional tutors step by step.

Co-work with other Apps

Flowtime app and other music player apps can work simultaneously.

1. Play any audio you prefer.

2. Choose the Unguided mode.

3. Let the biodata deepen your practice.

Unguided Meditation

Choose the optional nature sounds.
Set the timer. Get started freely.


State of the art design

Light. Comfort. Elegant.

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